We Ordered Our Brew House and Tanks.

IMG_1996               IMG_1995

We hope you people are thirsty. Our new brew house clocks in at 2000 liters, just over 17BBL. That is just a little bit bigger than our 1BBL pilot brew system. The brew house consists of three vessels: a mash tun, a lauter tun, and a kettle/whirlpool tun. We will have plenty of hot and cold water thanks to a 4000L hot liquor tank and a 4000L cold liquor tank. In our cellar, we will have four 2000L fermenters and two 2000L brite tanks. Some of the other goodies on their way are: three centrifugal pumps, two VFD pumps, a hard-piped manifold, a heat exchanger, a yeast feeder, a hopback, a glycol chilling system, control panels, and a clean-in-place system. . We were able to do a little designing on our work platform for the brew house with a sink for sampling and cleaning on the control deck. This should make brew days a little easier and provide a cool drink of water for us on hot brew days.


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