We Assembled Our Cold Room


To save a little bit of money, and to get a little more storage than we could afford otherwise, we bought a used cold room. It is a relatively easy process to assemble the cold room. The panels of the cold room fit together tongue and groove along with a heavy-duty cams that you turn to lock the panels together. It is all a little reminiscent of assembling IKEA furniture. With the wall and roof panels secure, we had the condenser unit installed. Environmental laws are becoming more strict, so we decided to purchase a brand new unit to avoid any problems in the future. Now that summer heat has started to hit, the cold room is a wonderful place to go and cool off.


Submitted Our Plans To All Of The Respective Agencies


Every department and agency you can imagine will need a set of plans, sometimes multiple sets of plans. Here’s a partial list of who needs to approve a brewery: City Planning, City Building and Safety, County Fire, Local Water Agency, County Environmental Services and County Waste. After two rounds of notes back from the City of Santa Clarita and sign offs from all of these departments, our plans were approved. We have our permit and we can proceed with construction.

We Ordered Our Brew House and Tanks.

IMG_1996               IMG_1995

We hope you people are thirsty. Our new brew house clocks in at 2000 liters, just over 17BBL. That is just a little bit bigger than our 1BBL pilot brew system. The brew house consists of three vessels: a mash tun, a lauter tun, and a kettle/whirlpool tun. We will have plenty of hot and cold water thanks to a 4000L hot liquor tank and a 4000L cold liquor tank. In our cellar, we will have four 2000L fermenters and two 2000L brite tanks. Some of the other goodies on their way are: three centrifugal pumps, two VFD pumps, a hard-piped manifold, a heat exchanger, a yeast feeder, a hopback, a glycol chilling system, control panels, and a clean-in-place system. . We were able to do a little designing on our work platform for the brew house with a sink for sampling and cleaning on the control deck. This should make brew days a little easier and provide a cool drink of water for us on hot brew days.