1BBL Pilot Brew System and Scaling Recipes

IMG_1628Opening a brewery is a lengthy process. Wanting to make use of that time, we ordered our pilot batch brew system relatively early in the process. The system we purchased is the 1BBL Alpha Ruby from Ruby Street Brewing. It is a three vessel brewing system with a HLT, mash tun, and brew kettle. We have sight glasses on both the HLT and the brew kettle, false bottoms on the mash tun and brew kettle, and a whirlpool arm on the brew kettle. The system has three propane burners, two pumps, and a plate chiller. All of the connections on the vessels, pumps, and chiller are equipped with 1.5” tri-clamp fittings. We use a spare arm assembly from MoreBeer to vorlauf and sparge. Along with the brew system we have two 1BBL stainless steel conical fermenters and a 1BBL stainless steel brite tank from Stout Tanks & Kettles. The fermenters and brite tank are designed to fit inside a Frigidaire 20.5 cubic foot upright freezer. We have brewed close to 400 gallons on the system so far and it works great. We dialed in our efficiency by the second brew. If you happen to buy a 1BBL Alpha Ruby and need some guidance on adjusting your grain efficiency and hop utilization then shoot us an email and we will help you out, particularly if you use BeerSmith since we can send you our equipment profile.


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