Minor Use Permit (MUP)

If you are opening a production brewery and you want to have a tasting room open to the public you will have apply for either a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) or a Minor Use Permit (MUP). Most breweries will have to go through the more extensive CUP, which involves a public hearing. Since the City of Santa Clarita only required us to go through the MUP process. We had to get signatures of approval from our landlord and we also had to have a letter of our intent to open a production brewery with a tasting room onsite to our neighboring businesses and property owners. The neighbors are given 30 days to respond to the city with any objections or concerns, in which case a hearing will be held to review the objections. If no complaints are made, then the city will grant approval of the permit. We made it through the process without any objections and we were granted our MUP. Receiving this permit also met the final stipulation of our lease agreement and meant that we were able to take possession of our space.


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