The Home of Pocock Brewing Company

Right after the beginning there were a few months where we neglected to post anything about the progress of Pocock Brewing Company. We suck. We’re sorry. Let’s catch up.


Finding a location sounds like a relatively easy thing to do, but (and I’m sure many other breweries would tell you the same) it can be a bit of a challenge. We knew early on in planning that we wanted to open the brewery in Santa Clarita so our search began there.. The size of the space we needed along with the amount of money we wanted to spend further limited us. Thankfully, Todd is also a real estate broker which made searching out suitable locations slightly easier. Even with all of the industrial space available in Santa Clarita we really only found two spaces that fit, or could fit, our needs. Out of the two, one location was genuinely possible and the other was a bit of a reach. The latter, was a great space but it needed a huge amount of work and would have eaten away too much of our budget. After repeated delays trying to work out a deal on the more realistic choice we were very fortunate and found another space close by that had recently become available. We moved quickly to view the space and immediately found it to be a great fit. November 8th, 2014 we signed our lease for 24907 Avenue Tibbitts, Suite B. Santa Clarita, the new home of Pocock Brewing Company.


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