We begin at the beginning…

We are Pocock Brewing Company.  Join us on our journey from dream to reality, from idea to successful brewery.  Welcome to our adventure.

Pocock Brewing opens in 2015, in Santa Clarita, CA.  We start with a passion for quality craft beer and with a desire to share that beer with a thirsty public.

Over the years, we watched and learned as our predecessors took us on their similar paths.  Grateful for all their stories of triumphs and failures, tricks and tweaks; we look forward to sharing our stories with all of you.

We begin at the beginning…the search for our brewery space.  We need room for our 15 barrel brewhouse, hot & cold liquor tuns, fermentation tanks, and everything else we need to open our doors and serve you a pint or 2 (maybe take home a growler, while you’re at it).

Plan to stop by here often.  Witness, firsthand, the birth of Pocock Brewing.